Sweet Summertime.

One of the best compliments I ever receive is when someone notices how hard I try to enjoy life in spite of illness. I’ll be honest- it’s not always easy, and I’m so touched that others notice my effort. The past two months have felt like a whirlwind of travel, packing, unpacking, laundry, and a few doctor’s appointments. I’m tired- and to be honest, even a healthy person would be tired given my recent schedule, but I did it.

Just to recap- Joe and I went to Shelby, NC where he presented a paper. Shelby, NC is a rather unexciting little town with little worth mentioning aside from a great wing place. (We may have eaten there twice. Don’t judge.)

(Riding through the mountains in North Carolina)

(My favorite professor delivering his research)

We were home 6 days before we left again- this time for Joe to present a paper in Atlanta, GA. I love Atlanta. I would move in the Georgia Aquarium if they’d have me. But, I wanted to go to baseball games at night (Go Braves!), so I had to sacrifice day time sightseeing for nighttime fun. Worth it.

(The baseball obsession is real)

And, then- Disney! Disney is my most favorite place ever. Granted, this world has a whole lot of places I haven’t seen yet, but for now, Disney World tops the list.

(I know. Y’all have seen enough pictures from Disney, but I can’t stop myself.)

And, now, well, after my annual post- Disney illness subsided (My body has never met a germ it didn’t want to try.), I realize that summer is more than half over and I mostly need a nap. Would I change any of it? No. (Although, I probably should have eaten fewer chicken wings in Shelby, hotdogs in Atlanta, and Mickey shaped junk food in Disney!).

I’m back now. I’m ready to dive back into blogging and vlogging, and I always want to hear from all of you. The first part of my summer was about getting out and living my life. The second part is about encouraging others to do the same. Even as I’m writing this, I’m riding to Louisville to have a date night with Joe. It never ends, and I’m grateful. Big love to each of you.

Peace, love, and health.

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