It’s Disney time, baby!

I originally planned to do this as a video blog (vlog?), but I looked in the mirror and realized my current look is more appropriate for blogging. Joe and I are at the pre-vacation point where we’re wearing clothes that don’t fit and eating food no one wants so we don’t have to do more laundry or grocery shopping. I’ve looked a little pitiful for a few days, and I’m totally okay with that.

It’s finally time! This time tomorrow, I will be THE Happiest Place on Earth. Joe and I work and save a prepare for this all year long, and we are so excited to finally enjoy our time together in WDW.

A few quick thoughts before we go- Joe and I are in the talking stages of writing a handbook for visiting Disney with chronic illness/ disability. So much of my original purpose in starting this blog was to show others that it’s possible to have fun and experience fulfilling relationships in spite of chronic illness. I won’t lie- it’s hard! I’ve been dealing with a spinal fluid leak after a lumbar puncture last week. (Im much better now, by the way, but I’ve been stuck lying flat for a week.) A lot of the packing (and Joe’s birthday celebration) has been done between naps and with plenty of breaks. It’s daunting to know that Im counting on my very unpredictable body to cooperate- especially when we have spent a year saving up to enjoy the coming week. I know the struggle all too well. At the same time, I want to encourage others to live their lives and take chances. It might be hard- but it will likely be worth it. Ideally, I’d love to help my friends with disabilities be able to experience Disney with their families (if that’s something they desire).

So, for the next 8 days, stop by the blog or my FB page ( @CrazyChronicLife ) to see video and pictures from Disney! Big love to all of you, and I’ll see you at the Mouse House.

Peace, love, and health!


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