Book Talks, WEGO, and Weekends- Oh My!

Good googly moogly, friends! This week has felt especially crazy. It wasn’t terribly busy by normal people’s standards, but for a sick chick it wa downright exhausting. 

The Book Talk

My local library invited me to talk a little about the book Joe and I wrote. It was such a fun experience. I realized that I’m a nervous wreck when I talk around new people now, but I also realized I can stay conscious in spite of prolonged tachycardia. That seems like a win. Most importantly, I met several new friends who plan to return for the chronic illness support group I’m leading at the library. I look forward to hearing their story and helping to encourage them along this crazy, chronic journey. 

WEGO Health Awards 

I found out a couple weeks ago that this blog was named a finalist for WEGO Health’s Best in Show: Blog award. I’m still so very overwhelmed and grateful that my blog was chosen. The award announcement was Wednesday, and we didn’t win- which is perfectly fine. I mean, of course I would have been thrilled if my blog was chosen as a winner. But, if you saw the other blogs I was up against, you would understand why I wasn’t devastated to lose. It was seriously an honor to have made it to the top 5.  Plus, I got this snazzy purple T-shirt, and I love a good shirt. 


And, now my friends, I’m headed to Knoxville for more football time with my main guy. (I’m actually blogging on my phone while Joe drives.) I’m very much aware that my everything hurts (yes, all the parts- they hurt), and a full day of bleacher sitting is not going to help this situation. However, I’m equally aware that I love going places with Joe, and I don’t want to miss a single adventure. I’ll be honest- in my life, sometimes the bravest thing I do is going on an adventure when I’m not sure if I’m up to it. (It’s a measured risk, though. Joe has missed games before when I just wasn’t up to actually going.) 

Friends, I hope your weekend is great and filled with as much rest of adventure as you want. 

(Thanks for enduring my test run of blogging from my phone. 😬)

Peace, love, and health. 


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