Rolling through Disney in Style

This post will be short, because I’m in Disney World. I’ll be honest, I’m only updating because there’s a torrential downpour at the moment. (Florida friends, what’s with the weird rain? 90 degrees- then a downpour- 70 degrees for a few minutes and then 150 degrees. It’s insanity!)

Life is great here. Wheelchairs are not the most comfortable mode of transportation, but I can put up with some neck pain to be in the happiest place on early. Besides, the Hodor to my Bran is pretty cute. (GoT fans, where are you?)


(Okay, not his best pic. At that exact moment, Joe was marching in a Celebration of Friendship parade with Winnie the Pooh.)

Anyway, we’ve had breakfast with most of the Hundred Acre Woods. 

Interesting fact- Tigger is as full of boundless enthusiasm as you would expect. His hugs hurt, and I think he may have separated some ribs. (Seriously. Ugh.) 

I also had dinner in Mexico- or at least the Mexican Pavillion. I don’t remember what I ate, but it was delicious. 

The blog won’t let me add anymore pictures, and my brain fog level won’t supply me with more words. So… I’m out. It’s time for a crazy, chronic nap in the happiest place on earth! 

Peace, love, and health. 

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