Trying for the Perfect Day

When I was a little kid I used to imagine the perfect day. I would carefully plan a day from morning until night (because of course the perfect day needs to be scheduled), and I always intended to live that perfect day at some point during summer break. My plan always included sugary cereal with cartoons, painting (or some other messy activity), ice cream, and lot of attention being lavished on me. I’m pretty sure my perfect day happened in bits and pieces all summer long, but perfection can’t be scheduled, so it couldn’t happen exactly as I planned.

My tastes have refined a little as I have gotten older (but not much), but my perfect day isn’t all that different. Saturday was great. I woke up (at 11 AM- don’t judge me!) and spent an hour watching the end of Pretty in Pink while drinking coffee and eating Cocoa Pebbles (gluten free!). I sat on the back patio with Joe for an hour doing nothing but enjoying the fact that we had the foresight to have ceiling fans installed when the porch was built. Then, Joe left for a while and returned with the most massive mess of groceries ever that were all intended for a surprise for me . . . Now, if you have a husband that doesn’t generally cook, and he comes home with a ton of groceries intending to cook you a surprise, it’s probably a good idea that you leave the house. If not, you hear and smell things coming from your kitchen that are terrifying. I stuck around for about 10 minutes of Joe’s mad scientist-esque kitchen experiment before I decided that I should probably use that time to buy groceries (We were Kroger’s favorite customers Saturday) for Sunday lunch.

Now, here’s the cool part of the story- I returned to find out that Joe had borrowed a bread maker from his parents and made homemade, gluten free bread- just because he knew how much I missed it! (*squeal* He’s totally a keeper, ladies!) So, while my bread baked, we grilled; we sat on the patio; we ate turkey burgers. My bread finished (It was awesome!), and it was so good I called my in laws to come over and experience the goodness. After they left the rest of the evening was spent sitting on the patio. Every time I would hear a frog or see a lizard I would go inside, because ugh!! Just ugh! Joe and I played with our phones- showing each other silly memes or reading funny statuses aloud. We talked about our ideas, our outlandish dreams and schemes, what we thought we would be like as we get older. In other words, we talked about everything and nothing all at the same time.

It was at some point during this night of just existing and enjoying each other Joe observed, “Today was a great day. We didn’t go anywhere or do anything, and it was just a great day.” And he couldn’t have been more correct. I spend a lot of time bemoaning the fact that Joe and I can’t do a lot of the things we envisioned ourselves doing in our married life. When I really stop and think about it, though, when I pictured a happy marriage I pictured this. I imagined a life where we were happy together. Now that isn’t to say that tomorrow I won’t feel a little bummed that international travel isn’t in our future plans. But, this is the life. I have a life with someone I love- who cares enough about me to stay at home and bake bread, when there are a million more exciting things going on in the world. We make each other laugh. He puts up with my singing (and I put up with his). We support each other even when life isn’t turning out exactly like we pictured.

Life is good.

Peace, love, and health, friends.


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